SRW Strategies was developed to bring solutions and resources to help solve problems encountered in the operation of law enforcement and police agencies of all sizes, and to provide professional investigative services to members of the legal profession.

Whether it's reviewing, revising or developing policies based on current best practices, and helping you train for and implement those policies, or putting your agency on the road to success under Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission standards, we have the solutions and resources that can help. We can help craft an image or rebrand your agency to build public confidence and work with you to develop public policy on policing and safety in your community. And, we provide Independent Internal Investigations to help you achieve fact based, unbiased results that can increase transparency and public confidence in your agency.

No matter if you're an attorney in sole practice, or a law firm, or in the risk management business, we can provide subject matter expertise on many aspects of modern law enforcement from developing policies and procedures designed to protect your client, to advice on management, supervision, and administrative issues, along with frank discussions on disciplinary matters or tactics. Or, up-to-date information on the operational aspects of policing. Sometimes you're looking for a different perspective or a "real world" point of view, or simply need a sounding board to bounce ideas off. Maybe you're a Police Chief tasked with "fixing it" or an elected official responsible for public safety. We've served as public safety consultants on EIP programs for those municipalities struggling with Act 47 issues. We can help.

We know that each client and each situation has unique circumstances and issues. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to craft programs to help solve your problems and we never use a "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" approach. 

Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we hope to hear from you!